Apr 18

I’m dazzled by this cover for the first book in my forthcoming serial from Black Lace. Ain’t it pretty?


It’s out in August.


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Never Say Never

Apr 16

Monogamy does NOT have to equal monotony and eroticist author Alison Tyler has made it her life’s mission to make sure it never is with Never Say Never! Half of a very happily married duo, Tyler’s advice is that couples can build a trust level that makes experimentation truly possible and posits that uninhibited, really exciting, and highly imaginative sex happens best with lovers who just happen to be couples, too. This follow up to Tyler’s bestselling Never Have the Same Sex Twice blends her wisdom, expert advice, and favorite erotic scenarios illustrating myriad sexual techniques and fantasies designed to liven up the bedroom.

My story in this very handy volume is called The Final Frontier. It isn’t about space, though. It’s about anal sex.

Here’s a taster:

I knew Luke was an arse man before we even got together. He had that poster of the tennis player lifting her skirt to show her bum on the wall of his room in college. It was retro even then, and we used to tease him about it, or accuse him of sexual objectification of women if we weren’t in a good mood.

“What can I say?” He’d shrug. “I’m an arse man through and through.”

We lost touch for a while, scattering to the corners of the globe after graduation, but one summer at a mutual friend’s barbecue, there he was, hogging the sausages. At university we’d both had other partners, but it hadn’t stopped a kind of sly, breathless flirtation going on whenever we were in the same room.

Now that we were both single, it seemed inevitable from that first sausage joke over the hot coals that we would end up together. And so we did, smooching at the end of the garden when everyone else had retired indoors. As he kissed me, his hand reached down to squeeze my bottom in its thin cotton covering.

“I’ve wanted to touch your bum since the day I met you,” he whispered.

Not the most romantic start to a relationship, but it turned me on anyway.

I liked to dress it up for him – tight jeans for the pub, shiny spandex hotpants for the nightclubs. He couldn’t keep his hands off it, following wherever it led. He particularly liked it when I wore a tiny latex miniskirt I’d bought in the goth shop in town, though I tended to save that one for the bedroom. I’d bend over, stretch that rubber tight as tight, listening behind me for the moans of agonised awe that preceded his pounce.

As time went on, I let him spank me, growing to enjoy the sound of his hand on my heating skin and the way it lit up my sex and made my juices flow. I’d never imagined I’d enjoy that kind of thing, but over his knee became one of my favourite places to be.

Another one was on my hands and knees on the bed or the floor or wherever, my spine bent, the better to thrust out my bottom, while he pounded into me, his hands scooping those generous curves.

I guess I knew the day was coming, but I avoided thinking about it. Surely it was enough that he got to see and feel and touch and spank my bottom to his heart’s content. Surely this would satisfy him and he wouldn’t want to…my sphincter would clench before I got as far as explicating the thought.

So it was left to him to moot the subject.

The book is available right now from Amazon - grab it and share the inspiration with your loved (or lusted-after) one.

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Fevered Kisses From Gemma Parkes

Apr 10

Now doesn’t that sound too good to be true?! And Gemma is here to tell us all about them. Welcome, Gemma. *puckers up*

Fishnet stocking on a beautiful young adult caucasian full figured woman


I’m delighted to be here on Justine’s blog today to tell you all about my new release ‘Fevered Kisses’. It’s an anthology of six new stories each with their own special tale to tell:


Between The Pages:


A notebook carelessly left in a café brings a new lease of life to Alice. What will she do with the information she discovers inside? Some things are worth trying out for ourselves!


Too Darn Hot:


Miranda Briggs is a successful dance instructor who occasionally wants to share the trappings of her success with lithe, young men. When the sun is blazing down who can resist the allure of an outside pool?


Anytime, Anyplace:


Sometimes lust can catch us at the most unsuitable of times and sometimes it’s almost exactly what we planned. Either way when passion calls everything else takes second place.




Amber Nugent was a beautiful, passionate, predatory female who sought out thrills after dark with dangerous determination. How many lovers will it take to satisfy her overwhelming need?


Some Time Away:


Melanie is tired of her busy existence. When a traffic jam pushes her over the edge she heads straight for the airport. Will she discover who she really is and what it will take to make her happy?


Just Imagine:


Emma has only one thing on her mind, Paul. Every day she works alongside him as she battles to control the daydreams that see them both naked in a dance of lust, does Paul even know that she exists?


Excerpt (Anytime, Anyplace):


I was reminded of other people in the restaurant when the waiter reached for my empty starter dish. He raised an eyebrow when my lustful gaze crossed his face as l pulled it away from Shaun’s.

The main course arrived. Though my appetite was distracted by my lover’s lips once again tasting the wine.

I lifted a forkful of food and sampled the explosion of flavour.

“This salsa is lovely.” I declared.

“I would like to see you salsa,” Shaun replied, “Preferably naked.”

I laughed but then he leaned forward and lowered his voice to a husky whisper,

“Dance for me baby, l want to watch you, l really do.”

“I don’t know how to salsa.” I spoke as quietly as him.

“Just take your clothes off and move around, l want you to.”

His eyes bore through me and l shivered in anticipation of them feasting on my body as l writhed before him, suddenly all my hunger was in a different part of my body.

“Getting a little uncomfortable?” Shaun teased.

I was beginning to think it hadn’t been my best idea to leave the panties at home as l shifted a little in my seat and tried not to watch the food slipping into that sensual mouth to be turned and churned by that very capable tongue. My breathing became a little laboured and Shaun lowered his eyes to my breasts which were rising and falling more obviously than usual as l tried to breathe deeper and relax.

“I need to get you out of that dress.” Shaun purred.

I nodded.

“Here Baby, try this.” Shaun held a forkful of chicken and l leaned in to take it from him. A slow moan escaped me as the fusion of fine spices melted across the surface of my tongue.

“It’s so good.” I purred.

Shaun shifted and his expression grew darker.


Excerpt (Insatiable):


In the evenings Amber would take a bus into the next town. She would dress up in slinky evening dresses that would hug her enviable figure and show off her long legs.

Amber would sit alone in swanky wine bars waiting to be approached. This would never take long; sometimes she would time how long it took just for her own satisfaction. The feeling of so many male eyes following the contours of her body thrilled her so much that excitement pricked at her tawny skin. Occasionally she would glance back at a group of curious men to encourage them with a shy smile. It was always the alpha male in the group who would approach her first, the brave, confident man. Though every now and then Amber hankered after the shyest member of the group she rarely waited for his approach.

The game would begin; she would be bought a drink and then flattered relentlessly while her brave suitor’s friends looked on enviously. Amber would tease her prey, making him believe that it was he who was the predator. More drinks would follow, though Amber would never go beyond three. Compliments would be whispered into her ear behind the sparkling diamond earrings that were a gift from a grateful lover. His body would move closer until warmth began to seep into her skin through her receptive pores. Amber would gaze up and listen to every word, how beautiful her eyes were, how silky her hair and how stunning she looked in her clingy dress.

All these compliments nourished Amber; she needed them constantly and she would look up adoringly into the earnest face of the man standing so close that their bodies would be touching. Her lovers never missed their cue. When Amber flashed her eyes and lightly touched an arm there would be no need to clarify unspoken words. They would leave the building together to incredulous, covetous glances from the bereft friends.





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Smut For Good – Curves Rule!

Apr 07

I’m hopping today, in the company of many fine authors, for the fine cause of raising funds to combat Parkinson’s Disease.



This hop’s format is a celebration of the fuller female figure in erotica. To that end, I give you an excerpt from my story Wenching in the anthology Curvy Girls, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

“As soon as I saw you,” he crooned into my disarranged hair, “I wanted to touch you. I wanted to get my hands on those hips and bury myself in that feast of flesh. You feel even better than I thought you would. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to let go of you.”

“I keep thinking you must be joking…” My head was exploding. It was all too confusing. People were not supposed to fancy me.

“You need one thing, Ginny, just one thing, and then you’ll be perfect.”

“What’s that?”

“Confidence. You’d be sexy as hell if you’d just stop trying to fold yourself up and make yourself invisible.”

“I wish I could believe you…”

“Do it! Believe me! Or you’ll have me to answer to.”

Our mouths, our hands couldn’t stay apart and we fell back together on the battlement, kissing fulsomely against the sunset backdrop until the door opened again and Beth hissed, “Lady Bray is looking for you! Oh! Sorry. But she is.”

“Shit, I should go!”

“Hie thee hither, fair lady,” said Richard, propelling me forward with a light slap to my backside. “But when thou finishest thy task, I shall bear thee away with me. To the Feathers.”

“You’re staying at the Feathers?”

“Yeah, do you know it?”

“I work there most evenings.”

“Of course you do. You’re a wench. Come on then. Let’s finish this feast so we can move on to a more adult version.”

As part of the hop, I have a prize to give away – a copy of my new novella, By His Command, in epub or mobi format. Just comment away, any time before Saturday, to be in with a chance of winning.

Smut for Good: Curves Rule is a blog hop with prizes galore to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK as this is Parkinson’s Awareness week. To find more curves, and seek out further prizes please visit and if you can take a minute to please visit the Smut for Good: Curves Rule Just Giving Page at and donate whatever you can to help us reach our target of £100 to raise awareness of Parkinson’s and to support the charity Parkinson’s UK who help those with the disease learn to cope with the challenges, give out information and search for a cure.

Thank you for reading, and happy curving!

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Kings And Queens Of Kink #7 – Zak Jane Keir

Apr 04

I’m thrilled to have as my guest today the wonderful Zak Jane Keir. Like my previous guest, Slave Nano, Zak’s work is informed by her own experiences of the BDSM scene and I know this post is going to be fascinating. Plus, can she really be my first female femdom writer in this series? Welcome, Zak!

I’ve been on, in and around the fetish scene for more than 20 years, so of course it affects my writing.  I’ve been writing about it for the same length of time, but a lot of that has been non-fiction. When I look back (not that I do that often, honest) at my writing career, I’m always reminded that the bit of it that was the least lucrative (I’d been doing it for about a year before the possibility of the company paying expenses was even discussed) and involved the fewest actual *words* seems to be the bit that had the most impact on other people. Even now I sometimes run into someone who will say,  Aren’t you… Wow I used to read your column all the time!

I used to review fetish and swingers’ clubs for magazines. Yeah, dream job. Run all over the country, get into all these different clubs, get to indulge in as much sexual activity as I fancied, write it all down and get paid. The ‘getting paid’ bit was often in the region of £25 which didn’t even cover the bar tab, but it was a great deal of fun, and it has provided me with a fabulous mental filing cabinet of stuff to turn into fiction.

I like writing BDSM fiction about people who are in and on and around the fetish scene, but not in a secret-kinky-millionaire way. A lot of my characters tend to be people who run small-scale fetish businesses, like clubs and sex shops, or they make BDSM toys or clothing, or they are close to someone who does. The thing I really enjoy, and finally feel I’m able to do, is writing stuff about dominant women who are human, with quirks and lives and personalities. When I was first writing BDSM fiction, I kept getting told that there was no market for femdom, but at least that doesn’t seem to be true any more. I wrote Black Heart with a conscious intention to avoid any scenes of female submission, even though it’s got a range of characters and one or two of them sometimes behave in ways that indicate they might at least switch. One of the themes I’m still interested in playing about with is the concept of the novice dominant, the woman who is naturally suited to being sexually dominant and how she discovers this about herself. I’ve definitely used a few personal experiences in my erotic fiction, but never directly: it’s always background stuff, or things I’ve seen but wanted to rearrange or re-imagine. I love having all my own past to draw on, it’s definitely helpful. And of course ‘doing research’ is a handy excuse for going out and getting a bit of action.



‘Is Madam accompanied tonight?’ he said. ‘Or may I join you?’

A little shiver of excitement went through her. It wasn’t that she found him particularly desirable in himself, though he wasn’t repulsive; it was the air of almost ritualistic deference that thrilled her.

‘You may,’ she told him, and blew out a long plume of smoke as he sat down cautiously in the empty chair.

They chatted a little, and Rosa steered the conversation away from anything particularly personal, admitting that she had never been to this particular club before but keeping back the fact that she’d never been anywhere else, either. He complemented her on her outfit, which pleased her. She’d examined all the more revealing bits and pieces in the shop, but had been instinctively drawn to things that would cover her while suggesting untold thrills lurked underneath the shiny PVC of her trousers and the black and silver sleeveless, collarless leather shirt with its heavy black zip.

‘I saw you walk across the room earlier,’ the man volunteered. ‘I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you walk beautifully in those heels.’

Rosa contented herself with an enigmatic smirk. High heels had been unfashionable in her teens, but she’d acquired a pair from a charity shop and practised endlessly in her bedroom until her posture was almost perfect. It was nice to have all that effort appreciated, particularly as her feet had begun to hurt a little. The shoes she was wearing tonight were the most challenging pair she’d ever owned; open-toed red patent leather with tapered heels that were almost five inches. It was only the half-inch platform sole that made them bearable, and it wasn’t just a wish to remain in the background that had made her seek out a chair.

‘Might I have the honour of paying tribute to those beautiful feet, Madam?’ he asked, and Rosa told him that he might indeed. She had read enough to be aware that quite a few people considered the foot an erogenous zone, and while she was fairly sure that she didn’t want to engage in any genital contact with her new acquaintance, pleasant though he was, letting him touch her feet was acceptable enough.

He slid off his chair with an unexpected amount of grace and knelt in front of her, taking her left foot in both hands and planting a succession of light kisses on the front of the shoe, the side of it, working his way to the heel which he took briefly in his mouth and sucked. He ran his tongue over and over the glossy leather, before respectfully lowering her left foot and picking up her right.

Rosa began to feel the need for another cigarette, and noticed that the man had left his lighter on the table. She made use of it and sat back more comfortably in her chair as he delicately removed the shoe from her left foot and began to massage the arch and the ball of it, using his thumbs with exquisite skill. She found herself wanting to purr with pleasure, but held back. He spent a considerable amount of time on her left foot, and when he tucked it back into her red stiletto she only avoided uttering a protest because she knew that he was going to treat her other foot with exactly the same amount of devotion.


Black Heart


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The Old Days

Apr 03

Good Old Days. Bad Old Days. They can be either and are usually a bit of both.

But since The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 12 came out, I’ve had some comments on my story in it, Thames Link, that remind me what I used to write and how much I loved it. Not erotic romance, not happy ever after, not ‘aspirational’ whatever the fuck that means. Just good, honest erotica.

I’m missing it.

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By His Command

Mar 27

The sequel to His House of Submission is out now.


Sarah and Jasper Jay are back for more kinky fun. But this time will it lead to a commitment that reaches beyond mere games of passion? The sequel to Justine Elyot’s bestselling His House of Submission.

Sarah’s new job as a costumed guide at a Victorian museum suddenly becomes more tense when Jasper Jay, her lover and master, appears without warning. Jasper is scouting the museum for a film about the sexual misbehaviour of 19th Century lords and the women in their service. A cover story that will allow him to indulge their private fantasy life in authentic surroundings.

Beyond the risky role play, under the eyes of Sarah’s colleagues, Jasper’s presence also puts him within reach of Sarah’s family who know nothing of her secret relationship with the world famous film director. But such a dangerous proximity to her family threatens to spoil their fun while forcing Jasper to think seriously about their future.

Is this just all a game after a crazy summer fling, or will it free them from their respective pasts?

Here it is at Amazon.

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