Ruth Ramsden Is In The Chair

Sep 01

September has sprung, and it’s about to get all aesthetic here at the grill, as I welcome a mistress of multi talents – the wonderful artist and writer, Ruth Ramsden. Welcome, Ruth!


1. Who was your first famous person crush?

My first famous person crush was a bit odd. I just didn’t get all that Donny Osmond, Bay city Rollers kiddie stuff that was current when I was little. I was a strange child. I listened to Thelonius Monk and wore hats (still do). My first definite erotic musings involved someone much more grown up. John Thaw, the actor (sadly now deceased), then playing the part of Regan in The Sweeney TV series. A good looking, filthy talking hard man of the old school. I even remember having an erotic dream about him involving a certain amount of bondage! His side kick on the show – played by Dennis Waterman was supposed to be the heart throb but John was the one I wanted. I am unashamed of that. He’s still incredibly horny!


2. Who or what inspired your imagination as a child?

My mother inspired me to write when I was young. She was herself a writer of many marvellous science fiction novels. She wrote for the sheer enjoyment of it and there was always the clatter of our old fashioned Imperial typewriter in the house and lots of scribbling and plotting. I grew up in an atmosphere where it didn’t seem unusual to pick up a pen and make a start on writing something myself. Making a start being the operative phrase, because I hardly ever finished anything. I started writing poetry when I was about six or seven. My first attempt at a novel, probably when I was about ten. I think my mother made me appreciate how hard it is to finish what you start without loving what you’re doing. And how rewarding it is when you do.


3. Why did you start writing erotica?

I started writing erotic stories after a very long hiatus from writing and it was a kind of gateway for me back into ‘serious’ novels. I’d been on the fetish scene for a while by then and I thought, “There must be a better way of doing this…”. Just like everyone, I guess. I think the humour of much of sex play is what I felt was missing and apart from some short stories of the usual kind for Forum and Xcite, things like that, with my novel, Blue Murder At The Pink Parrot, I wanted to explore some of the sillier side of SM, without denigrating it at all. Be honest. There’s something inherently silly (as well as joyfully free) about a middle aged man at some dark SM venue, sporting a large beer gut and a very small thong, asleep under a Sombrero, surrounded by canes and floggers. I didn’t make that up. Poor lamb had exhausted himself with too much deviance.


4. Are any of your books or stories inspired by a piece of music or song?

I don’t think any of my novels or scenes have been inspired by music but one of the characters has always been represented in my head by a piece of music. The character of Max Blackman in the  Pink Parrot novels always plays to the tune of Push Downstairs by Underworld. It’s a great track but I’ve no idea why the character of a jazz saxophonist should provoke a piece of 90s techno.


5. Does where you live affect what you write?

I’ve been influenced by where I live in the sense that I only like to write about places I know. I feel very uncomfortable, fake in fact, if I try giving it large about a place I have no idea about. All of my novels are anchored in places I’ve lived or places I have a handle on. It’s just practical really. I can illustrate the surroundings of my characters more certainly if I’ve been there myself. I suppose it comes with being a very visual sort of person.


6. You not only write erotica but also create beautiful erotic art. I’d love to hear more about how that came about (with illustrations!).

I love to make art of figures (I’m rubbish at landscapes!) and there’s nothing more beautiful than erotica, nothing more sensual or touching. I suppose it started as a sort of turn on. Seeing how far I could go making things ‘naughty’, just for my own amusement, in a juvenile sort of way. Then I realised there was nothing juvenile about it. The depiction of erotica is a perfectly legitimate artistic expression and has been beautifully illustrated over many centuries by many artists from Myron to Canova, from Titian to Beardsley. There are many fine artists whose work isn’t taken ‘seriously’ because they work with erotic figures and that’s a shame because it’s part of the human imperative. I’m a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists and proud to be so.


7. What kind of things inspire your erotic writing?

Things that inspire my erotic writing are things that turn me on. I think you can only write with conviction about stuff that gets you breathless. I write largely from the point of view of a top but I switch so I can always find something that tickles my fancy! Direct eye to eye contact. Juice. The shudder that comes with anticipation. Those moments.


8. What’s sexier – bare or clothed? If clothed, what sort of clothes?

Bare or clothed? Both, actually. Semi clothed. Can I have that? An open shirt. I remember I took a photo of my partner naked, save for a pair of patent scarlet Grinders boots and a loose white shirt with green dragons writhing on the back. That was so hot. God, yes! There’s a lot to be said about the play between fabric and skin.


9. A Guardian review of your novel Blue Murder at the Pink Parrot suggests that your work will appeal to fans of Christa Faust, Joolz Denby and Grant Morrison. Do you agree with that? What kind of person is your ‘ideal reader’?

Grant Morrison? Yes! Thank you very much! My ideal reader is a literate, slightly perverted weirdo. Someone who likes something a bit different and enjoys a good laugh. I’m a big fan of Robert Rankin. I’m basically just a surrealist who’s trying to act normal.


10. What are you working on now?

At the moment I’m working on a novel called Free Porn. It’s a Tom Sharp-ish type of thing about pornography, politics, computer nerdery and a dead dwarf. I’m in the phase where it’s a bit like herding cats. Lots of ideas, lots of plot lines; making flow charts, drinking a lot and swearing. Humour is always a hard sell but it really does go hand in hand with erotica. There is literally no-one on the planet who hasn’t had a cringe moment in the midst of something that should have been porno perfect. I am the anti-porn! Our failings make us human, they bring us closer and I think that’s actually more sensual than all the brainless squish stuff. The trick is to maintain its sensuality, keep it hot but just with tongue slightly in cheek, if it’s not busy elsewhere that is…


Fantastic answers, Ruth – I have really enjoyed reading these. And I do think your art reminds me of Aubrey Beardsley, not that I know much about art. The new book sounds amazing – let us know when it achieves full formation.

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A Cocktail For Kristina: Slippery Nipple

Aug 29

Hello, and welcome to my spot at the Kinky Cocktail Bar. We’re open to day to celebrate the imminent publication of Kristina Lloyd’s new Black Lace novel, Undone, and believe me, happy hour will last all day and all night.

Allow me to offer you a Slippery Nipple.

Some people might give you a swizzle stick or a paper umbrella in your cocktail. If you’re lucky you’ll get a sparkler. Well, that’s what I’m giving you today – and not just any old sparkler either. Look in your drink and you’ll find a diamond!

OK, before you get your little jeweller’s eye glass out – I mean an excerpt from my new Black Lace novel, Diamond. The reason for my choice of cocktail should become clear when you read the lead-up to what, after hearing some reader feedback, I have come to think of as The Lemon Curd Scene.

She began emptying the grocery bags into the brand new stainless steel American-style fridge, but she had only unpacked a few items before Jason wrapped her in the duvet from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder.

‘Get off,’ she said, laughing, trying to push him back, but this only resulted in a tumble on to the bright new tiles. They scrambled and squirmed against each other until Jenna was on the floor, pinned beneath an exultant, still unshaven Jason.

‘Brand spanking new kitchen, eh?’ he said. ‘You know what this means?’

‘I think I know but I daresay you’ve got some weird idea of your own.’ Jenna tried to push him off but he was impossible to dislodge.

‘Needs christening,’ he said. ‘Doesn’t it?’

‘Go and cook something then,’ she said, pushing her knee into his thigh. It was solid as rock.

‘You want me to heat something up, love? That can be done.’

He moved one of her wrists carefully beside the other so he could hold both in the pinion of one hand then, with his other, reached over to fumble in the nearest shopping bag.

‘Oh, strawberries,’ he guessed, fingering a package. ‘Yeah?’

‘Well, it is nearly time for Wimbledon.’

‘Seasonal. Did you get cream?’

He drew out the punnet of strawberries and broke the seal with his teeth.

‘What the hell are you doing?’

‘You wanted me to sort out some dinner,’ he defended himself, putting the strawberries down beside him. ‘And I’m thinking of killing two birds with one stone. Well, not killing. Unless the massive orgasms I give you turn out to be fatal.’

‘Jason. I can’t. I’m so sore all over…’

‘So am I. I’m not going to fuck you. But a man needs to eat.’

He reached back into the bag and identified a carton of double cream.

‘Now are you going to lie there nice and quiet while I get this tea ready?’ he asked.

‘The duvet…’

‘Got a nice new washer, haven’t you? The duvet can be its first load. Are you going to, Jen? Or do I have to tie you up?’

She felt a twinge of delight at the thought and almost said ‘no’ to test this resolve, but there was time enough, in more comfortable circumstances, to take her first steps towards bondage, so she nodded acquiescence.

‘Good girl.’ He released her wrists and unsealed the lid of the cream.

He unbuttoned her shirt dress with sure fingers, then reached underneath to unclip and remove her bra. Her knickers soon disappeared too, leaving only her sandals, but he left them on. He slipped a hand between her thighs, hinting them apart, then he took the carton, held it high over her ribs and began to pour.

It was cold and she gasped as the thick white liquid splashed on and between her breasts. Jason poured a trail down her belly, then angled her hips up so he could deposit the rest of the carton in and around her lower lips, coating them thickly. The chill of it felt deliciously soothing to the mild burn that had affected that area all day and Jenna lay back and let it all happen, caught in the luxuriant lasciviousness of it all.

‘You’re making me hungry,’ he said.

She felt the drips running down the curve of her bottom, pooling in all her creases and cracks.

Her nipples stood up, emerging from the cream slick like pink lifebuoys.

‘When I look at you like that,’ he said, breathing heavily, ‘I’m imagining that cream didn’t come from a carton. You look too fookin hot to take.’

He sat back, panting and looking her up and down with a starved eye.

She really thought he might bent down and bite a chunk out of her.

Instead, he grabbed at the strawberries, took a handful and scattered them across her torso. He picked the tops off two and mashed them down on her nipples until they stuck there, like mad scarlet caricatures of what they covered. The rest were pushed between her lower lips, into a jumble that might eventually become a purée. How soft and firm and cold they felt, added to the thick cream and her own streaming juices. Jason kept the heel of his hand at her pussy, holding the fruit in position, while he lowered himself over her and began to lick and lap at her belly and breasts.

His heat coupled with the cold collation brought the pitch of sensuality high. She twisted and gasped and tried to push her pussy, full of strawberries, further into him, to crush them and turn everything to pink mush.

‘Mm,’ he said, raising his head. ‘Getting it ready for me, babe?’

His tongue drew lines and swirls in her warm cream coating, sucking it from her skin until it was bare again, but shiny from his attentions.

He made her wait, kissing every inch of her upper body, before lowering his face between her thighs. He took his hand away from the crushed strawberries and flicked his glance towards her face.

‘Time for my just desserts, then, eh? Sorry.’

Her groan at the joke was soon transformed into another kind of outpouring. The workings of his tongue and lips on her sweet, fruity centre melted her until she was pure juice, gushing into his mouth. He devoured her, feasting off her clit, her lips, her widespread inner core, until she was dizzy with it and her orgasm began to circle wildly into being.

The climax pushed her bottom off the floor into his greedy face, making him laugh on her pussy and lick harder.

‘Oh God,’ she cried. ‘What are you? Oh God, oh, God, oh God!’

When he finally knelt up, sometime after her third orgasm, and set her free from the tyranny of her own body and sex, he had a glow of feral victory in his eye that made her pulse race despite her ragged state.

‘Never been licked like that before, eh?’ he panted.

She could only shake her head.

‘Those big Hollywood dicks can’t do it like this Bledburn boy, eh?’

Again, a shake of the head.

‘You’re something else,’ she managed to say.

It took some effort of will, but she propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at her ravaged body, sticky and patterned here and there with drying pink fruit pulp. Then she looked up at Jason, kneeling in only his boxers, which were significantly tented.

Fair was fair.

She dragged herself to her knees and rummaged in the shopping bags.

‘What you looking for?’ he asked, amused, guessing her intent.

‘Just…hmm, madras curry paste, probably not.’

‘Fuck no!’

‘Peanut butter?’

He shook his head rapidly. ‘I’m allergic.’

‘What about marmite?’

He laughed loudly.

‘Whatever turns you on, darlin’.’

‘Not marmite. Ah. Now.’

She smiled radiantly at him, drawing from the bag a jar of lemon curd.


BUT WHAT DOES SHE DO WITH IT???? You’ll have to read the book to find out…

But don’t just read that book! Read this one too.

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I Got Lucky!

Aug 28

Not only is it release day for Her World of Submission, the final instalment of the serial that began with His House of Submission, but it’s also release day for A.M. Hartnett’s new book, Holding My Breath, book 2 in her Carried Away series.

And I have a hot date with its hero, Quinn Pattengale! OMG, I haven’t got a thing to wear…but that might not be a problem…


So we’re going to assume that you’re not a paying client. That process is a little different. Quinn does have his way of doing things to make sure you get your money’s worth right from the start – just ask Molly. She’s had her eye on him for weeks now. You’ve caught his eye, much like Molly will, and his intentions are far from professional.


What does he look like?


You’re going to be thanking me for days, Justine. Quinn is tall and trim. He spends a good part of his time working out and focusing on his appearance — after all, that is a large part of what he’s selling. He’s got reddish-brown hair and is tanned just enough to get rid of that pale complexion, and at first look you think he probably has spent time in a tanning bed. Second look, however, shows just the slightest bit of windburn, and you know he doesn’t limit himself the gym. Hiking, maybe? Jogging? He hasn’t shaved for your date. He suspects you like a little scruff, just like he knows giving you that naughty smirk will have you breathless at first glance.


What is he wearing?


Normally he’d greet you in a suit and tie, flash a bit of bling to show you that he’s worth every penny, but now he’s out to show you his other side. No tie. A navy pinstripe shirt with the collar open just enough that your mouth waters with wanting to see the rest. The jeans are faded and torn in spots, but not old — they’re designer, but they’re meant to look shabby. You think he’d finish off the look nicely with a hat, but he’s obviously taken some care to make his thick hair look like it would after you run your fingers through it and that’s one fantasy you would prefer not to ruin.


What sort of car is he driving when he picks me up?


Once upon a time, he would have picked you up on something fast and flashy. You know how kids are when they first come into a bit of money. These days, he’s got himself a Ford Fusion in black and with all the bells and whistles. He’s been told it suits him a lot more than the convertible.


What’s playing on the car radio?


Molly once accused him of mindfucking women before he takes their clothes off, and he doesn’t entirely discard that bit of trickery outside of his negotiations, which is why when you settle into the passenger seat you hear Leonard Cohen’s A Thousand Kisses Deep. The lyrics aren’t the sexiest but man, oh man, the car gets a hotter with every note.


What is the first thing he says to me when I get into the car?


He doesn’t say anything. He just gives you a long look from head to toe, lingers on your face for a breathless moment, then he turns the engine and lets you quietly burn.


Where is he taking me?


Somewhere intimate, but not too stuffy. Casual gourmet. There are sliders on the menu, but there’s also a small selection of Greek dishes. The wait staff is just-the-facts, moving like ghosts to take your orders and then just vanish, leaving you to gaze at him as he talks — and Quinn does like to talk.


What will we eat/drink?


He likes to order, not because he wants you to think he’s in charge but because he’s enthusiastic about trying new things. Did you just make a face at the idea of poutine served with goat’s cheese? Blasphemy, you say? It’s a good thing you didn’t squeeze into a little black dress for this because here come the carbs: he’s just ordered one serving with two forks. Well, this is unexpected, so you might as well set aside the wine menu and order yourself a beer like he is.


What’s on the menu for dessert?


There’s no dessert menu. You’ll have to do with specialty coffee. Once again, Mr Pattengale insists you sample the Chocolate Cherry Americano while he tries the Banana Cream. Don’t bother making a joke about the coffee keeping you up all night. That’ll only get you a naughty look. Then again, his naughty looks are the best, so fill your boots.


Does he have a gift for me? What is it?


Not yet …


The big question: does he invite me back to his place? Or him to mine?


Chances are that there was an unspoken understanding that he was getting you in bed tonight the minute you set up this little meeting. Quinn doesn’t fuck around, so as soon as you’re back at the car, he invites himself back to your place. Don’t worry, though. It’s not so he can sneak out on you in the wee hours. Quinn just likes to have a look around and see who he’s dealing with, and you can tell a lot about a person from taking a good look around where they live.


If I go back to his place for ‘coffee’…what’s it like in there?


Ah, but we’ve established we’re going back to your place and there’ll be no coffee involved. Once inside, you offer him a drink. He’s driving, but you both know that the car parked outside isn’t going anywhere until the morning light.


Did he bring any, ahem, other gifts for the evening? Maybe a little bag of tricks?


He’s more interested in your bag of tricks, wherever you hide them, but he’s not completely without an arsenal of his own. He’s got your name on his lips and his tongue, and he’s going to use it on you all night long.


What happens when we get there…?


He’s going to watch you, and he’s going to make you wait a little longer. You already know what he does for a living — he never would have kept you in the dark when he asked for this little rendezvous. You know you’d never be able to afford him, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to hold back on you on his own time. The opposite, actually. He knows this is what you’re thinking, and he’s loving the way you squirm and try to hide it.


And then he’ll start talking, and you can forget about being coy. You can try, though. He’ll just enjoy mindfucking you more than ever.


Does he make me breakfast, take me out for coffee, or try and escape as quickly as possible?


I wouldn’t count on getting him out of your bed so quickly when the sun comes up. He likes to sleep in. If you slip your stretched and sore little body from the bed, he’ll probably sprawl all over it and stay there until you come back. And if you come back … well, let’s just say coffee can wait a little longer. Quinn has a much better way to get the day started.


Bonus question: Assuming the answer to above is not the third option, how long will he wait to ask me on a second date?


Chances are you’ll still be trying to catch your breath when Quinn insists on seeing you again. Like I said, he doesn’t fuck around. Just ask Molly.

Woah! That was a date and a half! I can still taste that goat’s cheese, mind you. And I still don’t have a thing to wear… Tell me more about Quinn and his ways!


He raised the brush and moved to the side. Molly popped out of the chair and scooted around to put it between them.


‘I’m sorry,’ she said, but was struck with a giddy thrill and began to laugh as she went on. ‘I’m really sorry. Your apartment is gorgeous, like something out of a magazine.’


‘Nice try.’ He dragged the chair around until it faced her, then dropped into the seat. ‘I might have accepted your apology if it wasn’t for that complete lack of remorse on your face.’


Molly leaned against the table. She tried, she really tried to wipe the smile off her face, but it seemed stuck in place, and there was Quinn grinning back at her, still the naughty professor with the glasses and the hard on.


‘Now what?’


‘What do you think?’ He tapped the brush against his thigh. ‘You’ve been here before. You know what to do.’


Molly’s smile vanished and she tried not to whimper. The burn had set into both cheeks, and the thought of taking another ten smacks seemed to turn up the temperature a few more notches.


‘Is there nothing else I can do to make amends? Maybe on my knees?’


‘Put that bottom lip back in and stop trying to be cute.’


He let his arms hang at his side and just stared back at her. Molly knew she could outright refuse and he’d let it go. Or maybe he wouldn’t and she’d have to threaten to leave.


But she wouldn’t.


And she didn’t.


She extended her hand, and when he took it she let him drag her down. With a resigned sigh she hung her head down, but he reached down and lifted her chin.


‘We’ll do this until you appreciate the view.’


‘You and this view,’ she murmured, then yelped as he gave her a whack. ‘Jesus!’


‘That’s not admiring.’ It sounded like the muttering was more for himself than for her.


He gently patted the spot he had just struck, then gave her another.



“It’s a skill not every man possesses, and it can’t be taught. That’s why I’m good at what I do.”


For half his life Quinn has been making his living as a professional Casanova. Challenged by Molly to take his business elsewhere, he strikes a bargain with her: give him until New Year’s Eve and she’ll never see him again, and in the meantime he’ll make it worth her while.


As their arrangement becomes a passionate affair, there’s no denying that Molly’s been waiting for him to come into her life for a very long time. She never imagined that a man like Quinn would be the one.




Amazon UK –

Amazon US –


Fantastic! Happy release day, and thanks for lending me Quinn to play with.

Dating story fans – head over to A.M.’s blog now to find out all about her evening with my dashingly dominant Jasper Jay!

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Lily Harlem Is In The Chair

Aug 25

Bank Holiday Monday, ergo Torrential Rain. But Lily Harlem is here, erecting a shelter and firing up the grill regardless, with typical Brit grit – no less than you’d expect from a Brit Babe. And we can expect great things from her. Welcome, Lily!


1.      Who was your first famous-person crush? Simon LeBon from Duran Duran. I was crazy for him and even made a mobile out of a coat hanger and pictures of him cut from teen magazines to hang above my bed!


2.      What writers inspired you as a child and young adult? I always liked the poet Philip Larkin – but I can’t write poetry for toffee! Other than that I adored Enid Blyton (Mallory Towers and The Famous Five) and then Virginia Andrews and her Flowers in the Attic series and then we studies Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird at school which completely captivated me.


3.      What made you turn your hand to writing erotica? I won a competition, more of that below J


4.      Have any of your books/stories/scenes been inspired by a song or piece of music? No, but I do like to add music into my stories. Music is a big part of my life (I don’t play any instruments though) and I listen to something everyday whether it’s driving in the car or having a bit of a bop as I make dinner. In my novel “Breathe You In”, for example, (a woman falls in love with the man who has received her husband’s heart after he died in a tragic accident) I have two songs mentioned which are poignant to the characters – With or Without You by U2 and Every Breath You Take by The Police. Most people have music in the daily lives so I think it’s important to add it into story lines, plus it can be used to create another dimension and evoke some great emotions. I also have a short series trilogy called “Mattress Music” that’s about fictional rock band The Manic Machines.


5.      Do you think where you live has influenced what you write? No, but it has allowed me to write. It’s very peaceful in Wales and I walk for miles with the dogs on the beach. This gives me time to plot and scheme, run through dialogue in my head and pictures scenes in great detail.


6.      I remember you first arriving on the erotica scene after winning a major magazine competition. How did that feel? It was very exciting! It was with LoveHoney, an online sex shop, and I entered the first bit of erotica I ever tried my hands at. I’d just finished a creative writing course and was trying new genres, this particular short story was about the first female president of the USA having an affair with the British Prime Minister and getting down and dirty in the Oval Office. I was thrilled when I won first place and now I always say erotic romance found me! You can read Madam President in my collection “Stories for When the Sun Goes Down” it was a lot of fun and I think I surprised Mr Harlem with what I’d learned on that course!


7.      Your most recent work is a series based around an ice hockey team. Why ice hockey? Oh, “Hot Ice”, yes that’s fun. I love lots of sports and hockey is one of them. I’ve  created a fictional team, The Vipers, and those bad boys just keep demanding to have their stories told. Each book is a standalone read but if you read them in order then the other players have brief cameos and the reader will meet the hero of the next as they go along. I’ll keep writing these books as long as people keep reading them, the 7th book will hit the shelves soon “Russian Heat” and also there is a free short Hot Ice story coming soon. The majority are m/f but there is a ménage a trois and a m/m in the mix!


8.      What’s sexier – bare or clothed? If clothed, what sort of clothes? Clothed, but not many! I’m pretty fickle I’m afraid, one day a sharp suit will make me weak at the knees and the next day worn jeans and an old t-shirt will make me all a dither. If we’re talking uniforms then I’ll go with military, but then again a fireman works pretty well too…see told you I was fickle!


9.      You have published several books in partnership with Natalie Dae. What are the particular challenges (and pleasures) of co-authorship? The challenges are not enough time in the day! I completely LOVE writing with Natalie (we publish under the name Harlem Dae). I’ve learned so much from her and we bounce ideas around like they’re ten a penny! Together we push boundaries, my writing with her is definitely some of my edgier stuff. Perhaps it’s because we feel braver when working together, we take things as far as we can go. In the “Sexy as Hell Trilogy” and the spin-off stories we certainly both hit a wall and said to the other “nah, can’t write that’, which doesn’t happen very often to either of us. But we have so much more we’d like to write, plots and characters to play with, but for now, we just don’t have the time, we’ll pick up again when we do and test our limits again.


10.  What are you working on now? A novel called “Silk Ties”, or “The Silk Tie”, I haven’t decided yet. I self-published a m/m/f novel a couple of years ago called “The Glass Knot” that’s been really popular so I decided to write another along the same theme. I’m really enjoying it, I’ve got my teeth into it now (happens around the 30k mark for me) and again there isn’t enough time in the day for me to get it all down! I’m also trying to juggle edits for two paranormal novels coming out at Ellora’s Cave soon – Bite Mark and Claw Mark.


Lily Bio


Lily Harlem lives in the UK and is an award-winning author of contemporary erotic romance. She writes for publishers on both sides of the Atlantic including Ellora’s Cave, HarperCollins, Totally Bound, Xcite and Sweetmeat Press. She also self-publishes novels that range from emotionally charged erotic romance, to steamy ménage a trois and, with Natalie Dae, (Harlem Dae) dark BDSM that pushes all the boundaries.


Her HOT ICE series regularly receives high praise and industry nominations and Lily is sure that she’ll never run out of inspiration for penning more sexy stories about her bad boys of the ice and the women who tame them.


One thing you can be sure of, whatever book you pick up by Ms Harlem, is it will be wildly romantic and down-and-dirty sexy so make sure you hang on tight for the ride!



Lily Links






Facebook author page


Raw Talent


Hockey Romance

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Hot Ice


Harlem Dae



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5 Year Anniversaries: Sexy Little Numbers

Aug 24

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about my first print appearance – in the Black Lace Liaisons anthology – in May 2009.

I enjoyed it so much, I decided to celebrate all these five year anniversaries, with the thought of reviving some excellent books and anthologies that might have slipped from the erotica consciousness in the intervening time.

When Liaisons came out, I was full of the joys of new authorship. I was close to completing On Demand and excited about being a Black Lace author, bubbling over with plots and plans for my future relationship with that venerable imprint.

Alas, by the time Sexy Little Numbers came out, three months later, the mood was very different. In July, Black Lace had announced their withdrawal from the erotica market – an article in The Bookseller being the first I heard of it. I was plunged into gloom, uncertain whether my full-length debut would actually come to pass, although I had signed the contract.

The publication of Sexy Little Numbers was a pleasant little oasis in this despondent desert.

I think it’s the strongest of the Black Lace anthologies I appeared in, with an amazing roster. The breathtaking opener - Rebecca by Kristina Lloyd – sets a standard that seems impossible to live up to, but more than a few actually pull it off.

Stories by Charlotte Stein, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Portia Da Costa, EllaRegina (I often think of her and wonder what she’s up to now), Janine Ashbless, Dianne Dawson, Sadie Wolf, Shayla Kersten, Madelynne Ellis, Carrie Williams, Jamaica Layne, Kay Jaybee, Kristina Wright, K D Grace, Heather Towne, Shada Royce and Delilah Devlin follow on, keeping the pace tense and the ambience steamy!

My own story is The Number - and any readers of The Business of Pleasure will recognise its protagonists… Here’s an excerpt.

“We know what you like, Charlotte,” said the older man.  “We were very interested when we read your story.”


“We like what you like,” contributed the man opposite.  “Isn’t that a pleasant coincidence?”


“Yes,” said Charlotte dreamily, finding the way her neighbour stroked her hand, rhythmically, gently but inescapably, was pushing the waves of panic far back, back behind their barrier.


“She likes this,” remarked Older.  “She’s like a skittish pony; just needs a firm touch to keep her docile.  Take her foot and give it a rub.”


The younger man crouched forward and did just that, lifting one of Charlotte’s legs so that her foot nestled between his thighs.  He removed her sandal and began to massage the ball of her foot with both hands, moving slowly around, then dipping into her instep in a feathery-tickly way that made her shiver.  Older had moved her hand to his lips and was kissing the knuckles, prior to taking her fingers into his mouth and sucking on them.  His other hand rested on her skirted thigh, feeling hot and heavy, as if it clamped her in place.


Older removed her final finger with a popping sound and squeezed her hand tightly within his.  “Now listen carefully, Charlotte.  This is what will happen now.  You will refer to me as ‘Master’ and my friend as ‘Sir’.  You belong to us until we say otherwise, and accordingly you must be obedient and respectful.  We do not intend you harm and will endeavour to give you the pleasure you seek, but you must not question our orders or our motives.  Is that understood?”


“But my class…”


“Is that understood, Charlotte?”




“Yes what?”


Master hauled Charlotte to her feet by the elbow and laid two hard smacks on her bottom.


“Yes, Master.”


“I hope you’re a fast learner, young lady, or you will find this afternoon both long and painful.”


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Summer Loving

Aug 19

It’s summertime and the lovin’ is easy, especially when there is so much to love. How do I love this book? Let me count the ways.

1. It’s edited by Alison Tyler, which is a stamp of highest quality right from the start.

2. The sultry cover art, by Willsin Rowe, takes me straight to the hot white sand beach I’ve just left behind me in beautiful Majorca.

3. It was conceived (no doubt in a fragrant boudoir) by Tamsin Flowers, one of erotica’s brightest and kindest new stars.

4. It contains 20 stories – 20 little breaths of sensual summer air – 20 zephyrs on a sun-baked beach.

5. Each story is by a top erotic writer (and there’s one by me too).

6. It’s published by Excessica, one of the original and best indie erotic presses.

7. It’s all in aid of our beloved Sommer Marsden as she fights her husband’s cancer – and, as usual, the fight against cancer is so much more complicated than working to eliminate a tumour. Sommer means a lot to all of us involved in this project – and if you read her work, she’ll mean a lot to you too. And that’s worth giving some love. The book is available here.


(As an aside, I have to say how amused I am to see one of the images that comes up in the top row when you Google ‘summer loving alison tyler’…)

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Victoria Blisse Is In The Chair

Aug 18

Since we’re at the grill, who better to take the chair next than Victoria Blisse, who has written a veritable picnic hamper’s worth of food related erotica, from Smut for Chocoholics to Really Cooking. We’re in for a gourmet treat here today! Welcome, Victoria!

reallycookngBW large

1. Who was your first famous-person crush?


Oh dear, this is a little bit embarassing, really but my first famous person crush was Cliff Richard. Yep. I was 12, he was in his fifties but I loved him. His voice, his looks…I still love his voice but I have to say, I’m not so enamoured with him physically. Unless they invent that time machine then I’m going back to the sixties and stalking that man! I’ll be the inspiration for ‘Devil Woman’.


2. What writers inspired you as a child and young adult?


So many authors. I’ve always loved books. Roald Dahl has been a firm favourite and CS Lewis. I loved Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven the most out of her stories but a great summer’s day for me included an Enid Blyton book, a cool drink and sitting in the shade of a tree. I also loved Lloyd Alexander for the Chronicles of Prydain series then as I got a little older my mum introduced me to Terry Pratchett and the Discworold. Once I discovered the sci-fi and fantasy area of the library you couldn’t keep me away. I devoured Piers Anthony and David Gemell.  Those authors made me want to play with words too.


3. What made you turn your hand to writing erotica?


My Husband. He always gets blamed. Basically, way back just after the millenium bug didn’t happen, I had a dream. It was a sexy dream and my darling husband told me to write it down to get it out of my head. He read it, loved it and said I should post it online. I did, at and as they say, the rest is history. I got hooked.


4. Have any of your books/stories/scenes been inspired by a song or piece of music?

There’s music in several of my stories, the one that jumps to mind though is Lyrical. Funily enough with a name like that, it’s full of lyrics! It’s a bit different for me too as it’s about a big, cuddly guy not a cuddly, curvy girl as I usually write about.


5. Is there a scene from a film or TV programme that works for you every time?

I love Doctor who and there are a few episodes that get me in a very visceral kinda way every time. The girl in the fireplace is the first one and the others are the two Family of Blood episodes, the scarecrows are scary but I love how the Doctor falls in love with the nurse! 
6. Do you think where you live has influenced what you write?


Well, I have some reet northern folks in my stories that’s for sure. Also I think I’m influenced by where I go on holiday. Scarborough is my home from home, I’ve been on hols there every year since I was tiny and I love it over there. The minute I cross the border into Yorkshire I relax. So lots of Blisse books are set in Scarborough, my latest one, Her Secret Past, is set in the Yorkshire Dales.


7. You’ve been writing erotic romance for a number of years now. Do you think the scene has changed a lot?


Well, self publishing is a thing now. It’s a much more legitimate form of publishing than it ever was but otherwise I think it’s pretty similar.


8. Your latest story for Totally Bound, Her Secret Past, features a heroine who has escaped from Hollywood. What actress would you cast in the role?


I’m not very good at this, I know some folks visualise the celebs their characters are like. I have to really think. After a quick image search I reckon if Kat Dennings would pop in some blue contacts she’d work pretty well!

9. What’s your heroine wearing when she’s bent on seduction?

Oh, she’s the kind of lady who knows how to make the most of what she’s got. A form fitting dress that will highlight her ample chest and sexy hips, maybe in a light blue to bring out the colour of her eyes. Although in one scene from my book, a flash back to her university days, she seduces a guy by waiting naked on his bed for him!

10. You and your husband, the fabulous Kev, are tireless promoters, charity fundraisers and socialisers on the British erotica scene. What’s your next cunning plan?


There’s always something! Plots at the moment include a weekly flash fiction challenge on which will be starting soon. Then we’re looking to do a BIG blog hop for the Summer called Blissetival and we’re going to have super-duper awesome prizes. Keep an eye out for that at ! And then we’ve got our Smut Manchester event in, you guess it, Manchester on the 15th November. We’ve got workshops from Ashley Lister, Zak Jane Keir, Jennifer Denys and Lucy Felthouse and my good self as well as the Erotic Tombola, book stall and marketplace we’re famous for. Tickets are available at the Early bird special price of £10 right now (it’ll be double that from August) over at  Need to keep up with all the smut? Then follow @smutters and @ilovesmut on twitter  and look up smutters on facebook!

What are you working on now?


I’m deep into a co-write with my partner in smut, Lucy Felthouse. Codename Wild Man, it’s proving to be a lot of fun to write!  Then I have to get back to my Point Vamp Vampires and Johnny the Djinn from the Djinn’s Amulet. I’ve neglected them for far too long!


Delicious! Thank you for assuaging our appetites, Victoria!

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