Summer Loving

Aug 19

It’s summertime and the lovin’ is easy, especially when there is so much to love. How do I love this book? Let me count the ways.

1. It’s edited by Alison Tyler, which is a stamp of highest quality right from the start.

2. The sultry cover art, by Willsin Rowe, takes me straight to the hot white sand beach I’ve just left behind me in beautiful Majorca.

3. It was conceived (no doubt in a fragrant boudoir) by Tamsin Flowers, one of erotica’s brightest and kindest new stars.

4. It contains 20 stories – 20 little breaths of sensual summer air – 20 zephyrs on a sun-baked beach.

5. Each story is by a top erotic writer (and there’s one by me too).

6. It’s published by Excessica, one of the original and best indie erotic presses.

7. It’s all in aid of our beloved Sommer Marsden as she fights her husband’s cancer – and, as usual, the fight against cancer is so much more complicated than working to eliminate a tumour. Sommer means a lot to all of us involved in this project – and if you read her work, she’ll mean a lot to you too. And that’s worth giving some love. The book is available here.


(As an aside, I have to say how amused I am to see one of the images that comes up in the top row when you Google ‘summer loving alison tyler’…)

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Victoria Blisse Is In The Chair

Aug 18

Since we’re at the grill, who better to take the chair next than Victoria Blisse, who has written a veritable picnic hamper’s worth of food related erotica, from Smut for Chocoholics to Really Cooking. We’re in for a gourmet treat here today! Welcome, Victoria!

reallycookngBW large

1. Who was your first famous-person crush?


Oh dear, this is a little bit embarassing, really but my first famous person crush was Cliff Richard. Yep. I was 12, he was in his fifties but I loved him. His voice, his looks…I still love his voice but I have to say, I’m not so enamoured with him physically. Unless they invent that time machine then I’m going back to the sixties and stalking that man! I’ll be the inspiration for ‘Devil Woman’.


2. What writers inspired you as a child and young adult?


So many authors. I’ve always loved books. Roald Dahl has been a firm favourite and CS Lewis. I loved Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven the most out of her stories but a great summer’s day for me included an Enid Blyton book, a cool drink and sitting in the shade of a tree. I also loved Lloyd Alexander for the Chronicles of Prydain series then as I got a little older my mum introduced me to Terry Pratchett and the Discworold. Once I discovered the sci-fi and fantasy area of the library you couldn’t keep me away. I devoured Piers Anthony and David Gemell.  Those authors made me want to play with words too.


3. What made you turn your hand to writing erotica?


My Husband. He always gets blamed. Basically, way back just after the millenium bug didn’t happen, I had a dream. It was a sexy dream and my darling husband told me to write it down to get it out of my head. He read it, loved it and said I should post it online. I did, at and as they say, the rest is history. I got hooked.


4. Have any of your books/stories/scenes been inspired by a song or piece of music?

There’s music in several of my stories, the one that jumps to mind though is Lyrical. Funily enough with a name like that, it’s full of lyrics! It’s a bit different for me too as it’s about a big, cuddly guy not a cuddly, curvy girl as I usually write about.


5. Is there a scene from a film or TV programme that works for you every time?

I love Doctor who and there are a few episodes that get me in a very visceral kinda way every time. The girl in the fireplace is the first one and the others are the two Family of Blood episodes, the scarecrows are scary but I love how the Doctor falls in love with the nurse! 
6. Do you think where you live has influenced what you write?


Well, I have some reet northern folks in my stories that’s for sure. Also I think I’m influenced by where I go on holiday. Scarborough is my home from home, I’ve been on hols there every year since I was tiny and I love it over there. The minute I cross the border into Yorkshire I relax. So lots of Blisse books are set in Scarborough, my latest one, Her Secret Past, is set in the Yorkshire Dales.


7. You’ve been writing erotic romance for a number of years now. Do you think the scene has changed a lot?


Well, self publishing is a thing now. It’s a much more legitimate form of publishing than it ever was but otherwise I think it’s pretty similar.


8. Your latest story for Totally Bound, Her Secret Past, features a heroine who has escaped from Hollywood. What actress would you cast in the role?


I’m not very good at this, I know some folks visualise the celebs their characters are like. I have to really think. After a quick image search I reckon if Kat Dennings would pop in some blue contacts she’d work pretty well!

9. What’s your heroine wearing when she’s bent on seduction?

Oh, she’s the kind of lady who knows how to make the most of what she’s got. A form fitting dress that will highlight her ample chest and sexy hips, maybe in a light blue to bring out the colour of her eyes. Although in one scene from my book, a flash back to her university days, she seduces a guy by waiting naked on his bed for him!

10. You and your husband, the fabulous Kev, are tireless promoters, charity fundraisers and socialisers on the British erotica scene. What’s your next cunning plan?


There’s always something! Plots at the moment include a weekly flash fiction challenge on which will be starting soon. Then we’re looking to do a BIG blog hop for the Summer called Blissetival and we’re going to have super-duper awesome prizes. Keep an eye out for that at ! And then we’ve got our Smut Manchester event in, you guess it, Manchester on the 15th November. We’ve got workshops from Ashley Lister, Zak Jane Keir, Jennifer Denys and Lucy Felthouse and my good self as well as the Erotic Tombola, book stall and marketplace we’re famous for. Tickets are available at the Early bird special price of £10 right now (it’ll be double that from August) over at  Need to keep up with all the smut? Then follow @smutters and @ilovesmut on twitter  and look up smutters on facebook!

What are you working on now?


I’m deep into a co-write with my partner in smut, Lucy Felthouse. Codename Wild Man, it’s proving to be a lot of fun to write!  Then I have to get back to my Point Vamp Vampires and Johnny the Djinn from the Djinn’s Amulet. I’ve neglected them for far too long!


Delicious! Thank you for assuaging our appetites, Victoria!

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A Diamond Is Born

Aug 17

I’ve been in Majorca for the past 10 days. The days that didn’t include fainting in caves, sustaining freak injuries in waterparks and generally vomiting all over the northern coast were wonderful. The others…well, you get the picture.

While I was alternating lying on the beach with bending over the toilet bowl, a new book was released. And not just any old book. This one is the first in a trilogy for Black Lace, and it’s called Diamond.


Diamond, Justine Elyot

It’s being marketed as ‘glamorous’, and I suppose there is some glitz in it. The heroine, Jenna, is a girl from a small and declining ex-mining community who has made good and become one of the music scene’s top starmakers and talent-spotters. Her first celebrity signing was her own husband, Deano Diamond.

At the start of the book, she has broken up with Deano and is taking a sabbatical to escape the intense personal, professional and media pressure resulting from her decision. Back in her home town, she buys the crumbling pile of the town’s hated ‘lords of the manor’ and decides to throw her energies into renovating it. But there is an unexpected lodger in the attic, and soon Jenna’s life is thrown into complicated, but very sexy, disarray… Oh, that man!

If you like the sound of that, it’s available now, and the Kindle edition is a very competitively-priced 99p!


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L C Wilkinson Is In The Chair

Aug 11

I’ve got L C Wilkinson strapped to the interrogation chair today – and I want to reassure you that I don’t just have a piece of her. No, I have all of her. And she’s got All Of Me. Welcome, LC!

Part 1 of The Rapture, All of Me

Who was your first famous-person crush?

I had a big passion for cowboys films that used to be shown on Sunday afternoon telly and adored Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Paul Newman or Robert Redford? Decisions, decisions – I could never quite make up my mind. And though I was far too young to appreciate it at the time, I LOVE the scene in which the Kid gets Eta Place (played by Katherine Ross in the movie) to strip at gunpoint. It is one of the most erotic movie scenes ever – along with the scene in The Piano where Harvey Keitel finds a hole in Holly Hunter’s stocking.

What writers inspired you as a child and young adult?

No one in particular. I was a voracious reader. Favourite and inspiring books include The Secret Garden, Little Women, The Land of Far Beyond, Where the Wild Things Are, Huckleberry Finn, The Narnia Chronicles, Tom’s Midnight Garden.

What made you turn your hand to writing erotica?

It was the perfect home for a story that had been rattling round my head for some time. That story went on to become The Rapture series.

Have any of your books/stories/scenes been inspired by a song or piece of music?

No. I love music, but as yet, it’s not inspired a story.

Do you think where you live has influenced what you write?

Landscape is incredibly important in fiction – as in life. It shapes character and can reflect theme and emotion brilliantly. I grew up in rural Wales and this has featured in my work, but not my erotic romances; I write women’s fiction under another name. London, where I spent a chunk of my adult life features heavily in my work as does New York, which is possibly my favourite city in the world. It’s where All of Him is set. My romances are set in urban landscapes – there’s something about the energy, vibrancy and danger of urban life that appeals and suits The Rapture series, I feel. Now, I live in Brighton, which is gorgeous, but as yet I’ve not set any of my stories here. I will, though, I’m sure.

Did you find plotting and writing a trilogy a challenge compared to single titles?

Truthfully? No. I didn’t set out to write a trilogy but once I’d finished All of Me, I realised that I wasn’t done with Flick and Orlando. They had so much more to work out, so much more to discover together and although this might sound corny, or crazy, they told me the story. I felt like the conduit, rather than the puppet master if you’ll allow me to mix metaphors. I will be starting work on part 3 later this summer and already have loads of ideas. Rapture #3, in which Flick and Orlando aim to conquer Hollywood and finally lay their demons to rest, should be the final instalment, but who knows… Watch this space.

The heroine of your Rapture trilogy is a former soap opera actress. If it were made into a film, who would play her?

Linda Fiorentino – check out my Pinterest boards – L.C.’s boards here – if you don’t know who I mean! She’s a fox, with a vulnerable streak.

What’s your heroine wearing when she’s bent on seduction?

Flick is insecure about her looks – she’s almost forty, in a profession in which older women tend to be side-lined and is sexy as opposed to drop dead gorgeous or conventionally beautiful– so she doesn’t tend to do the seducing. At least not consciously, and certainly not in a cougar-type way, even though she is older than Orlando. Her sexiness is subtle and she dresses classily – Mouret Galaxy dresses are a fave for example. Mostly, she’s happy in skinny or boyfriend jeans with a tee. She knows that seduction begins in the mind.

What’s the sexiest city in the world?

I couldn’t choose one. Love London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Edinburgh. All sexy, but in very different ways.

What are you working on now?

A women’s fiction novel set in a declining Welsh seaside town. A mother, a daughter; hiding away, licking their wounds after a tragedy. A young man comes into their lives and all sorts of uncomfortable truths have to be faced.

After that back to Flick and Orlando for Rapture #3 and the west coast of America. Can’t wait!

Rapture #2 – All of Him Blurb:

Orlando Locatelli. Restauranteur and rising TV star. Damaged, beautiful and oh-so-young.

Flick Burrows. 40-year-old actress. Ambitious, talented and also damaged. Despite the odds – age, background and a jealous step-mother – their love triumphed. But just as Orlando moves to London to cement their relationship, Flick is offered the opportunity of a lifetime: a starring role in an American TV drama.

Separated by an ocean, they are determined their love will survive. Soon Flick is thrown into the media spotlight and so is their affair. The claws are out. Insecure about her image, her age, her future with her unpredictable, secretive Orlando, when she receives mysterious, threatening letters Flick is driven to the edge of despair. And Orlando is fighting enemies much closer to home.

In a world where they are constantly watched, and destructive forces lie unseen, waiting to pounce, how can their love unfurl and grow?  But intense passion is hard to stop and some souls are meant to be together, no matter what.

Here’s what they’re saying:

‘Hot, steamy and races along faster than one of Christian Grey’s private jets. If you liked Bared to You and The Siren, you’ll love this.’ SK Quinn, Bestselling author of The Ivy Lessons (Devoted Trilogy)

‘Just finished All of Him, and wow, what a rollercoaster ride! Absolutely bloody brilliant! Hot, sexy, with a fantastic plot, it is just amazing.’

You can buy the book in paperback or e-book format here: Amazon


Rapture #1 – All of Me Blurb: Actress Flick Burrow’s career is in the doldrums. Dumped by long-term boyfriend at the altar and nudging forty she escapes to Italy touring with a theatrical company.

Orlando Locatelli is a successful businessman. He’s rich, clever and drop-dead gorgeous.

When the two meet, the attraction is instant. But Orlando is 15 years Flick’s junior; he’s the controlling director’s son; his stepmother is possessive and destructive. He’s trouble and he’s determined to have her.

Sparks fly when a tour romance turns into something altogether more dangerous, threatening to reveal pasts, and desires, both lovers are keen to bury.

All of Me is published by Xcite in paperback and e-book formats. You can buy the book here.

Part 2 of The Rapture, All of Him

About L.C.: I grew up in north Wales and now I live by the sea in Brighton with three fellas (my ginger sons and my husband) and a cat called Sheila. After many years working as a journalist, copywriter and editor of, I write fiction and work part-time as an editor for Cornerstones Literary Consultancy. All of Me is my first romance for Xcite. I hope that it is the first of many.

To find out more about L. C. visit her site – – for news and freebies. Or follow her on Twitter: @ScorpioScribble





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Kelly Lawrence/Michelle Kelly Is In The Chair

Aug 04

Do I have a guest at the grill for you today! In fact, I have two guests in one person – the lovely Kelly Lawrence, who wrote the Black Lace memoir Wicked Games, AND her fiction-writing alter ego, Michelle Kelly. It’s terrific to have you here! Welcome.

1.Who was your first famous-person crush?
My first major celebrity crush was when I was sixteen and was actually a woman. Angelina Jolie, in fact. I saw her in the film Gia and she blew me away. In my early twenties I had a very big thing for David Boreanaz – Angel from Buffy.
2.      What writers inspired you as a child and young adult?
I was a big fan of the Narnia books and Enid Blyton as a child. Dickens too – I was a total geek. However I also used to sneak my mums Jackie Collins just to read the rude bits.  My tastes got edgier as I became a teenager and I got into Christopher Pike, Caroline B Cooney, Terry Pratchett, Irvine Welsh (Scottish author, most notably of Trainspotting) and Maxim Jakubowski.
3.      What made you turn your hand to writing erotica?
I didn’t start writing on any serious basis until I got made redundant from my position as a literacy teacher two years ago and had way too much time on my hands. I was lucky enough to get an agent fairly quickly (Isabel Atherton of Creative Authors) and she suggested erotica after the initial romance novel didn’t sell. That got me thinking, actually, I have some real experiences I could use here, especially as this was 2012, the year of Fifty Shades. The idea for ‘Wicked Games’ – a memoir chronicling my own experiences in a BDSM relationship was born - and it got quickly snapped up for Black Lace. It all happened so quickly, I’m still getting used to the idea that I am in fact a ‘real’ author!
4.      Have any of your books/stories/scenes been inspired by a song or piece of music?
The title for ‘Wicked Games’ comes from The Weeknd song of the same name. There’s a real haunting, yearning tone to the song that always reminds me of the way I felt within that relationship, so the title was a no-brainer.
5.      Do you think where you live has influenced what you write?
In some ways. I’m an inner-city girl, but when I started writing professionally I had just moved to the countryside, and I do think being surrounded by the beauty of nature inspired me to be more creative in general. I came back to Coventry ten months ago and wrote my first crime novel – which is very ‘gritty’ and inner city.
6.      Your first book for Black Lace was a memoir. Did you find the writing process different than for your erotic fiction?
Not on a technical level, as in many ways a memoir is structured just like a novel, but there’s a feeling of vulnerability, especially as it’s such a personal subject. You can hide behind fiction in a way, whereas writing a memoir feels a bit like when your mum read your diary as a teenager – horribly exposed.
7.      You’ve written in a variety of subgenres – I’ve noticed you mention historical and paranormal stories. Do you have a preference?
I love so many genres that I couldn’t pick just one to write. I write historical romance for Harlequin and paranormal for Xcite. I love the escapism of paranormal stories and the freedom of world-building, whereas on the other hand the constraints of fitting into an historical timeframe allows you to be creative in a different way. I also write crime, with ‘Sins of the Children’ due out later this year. If I had to choose a favourite genre it would probably be romantic suspense as it allows me to marry my two big loves – romance and crime. Even my historical and paranormal stories have crime elements to them, from psychic New York cops to a Borgia poison plot. So I guess that’s my niche.
8.      What’s your heroine wearing when she’s bent on seduction?
French knickers. Stockings, heels and bra optional.
9.      You are the author of a how-to guide for writing sex scenesIf you had to condense the book into three pieces of crucial advice, what would you choose?
Firstly, and this is kind of the gist of the book, entitled ‘Passionate Plots’ the sex scenes should be absolutely integral to the plot, with clear motives and outcomes for the story and the characters. Otherwise you don’t have story, just a string of sex scenes. Secondly, I think you have to write what you know when it comes to sex. Within reason obviously – we can’t have sex with a werewolf or a ménage with seventeenth century pirates! – but I don’t think you can really describe how a certain act feels if you don’t know from firsthand experience. Thirdly, listen to your characters. When you write erotica, you have to get to know your characters really well.
10.  What are you working on now?
Something very different! I’ve just signed a deal with St Martins Press for a romantic mystery series featuring a yoga instructor and a small-town cop. Still in keeping with my love of romantic suspense but…no sex! Bedroom doors firmly closed. Funnily enough, in some ways I find this very sexy.
Ah, a fellow genre-butterfly! I can’t stick to just the one either. Great interview, and best of luck with your romantic mysteries!
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Aug 01

My story in the Sweetmeats Press Drenched anthology is also available as a standalone title.

A modern day water nymph finds herself adrift on a lake in southern Germany. But on the shore waits her nemesis, a man who will take her out of her watery element and bend her to his will…

Here’s an excerpt:

The others were sleeping off their hangovers, still fully dressed on the collapsing cane furniture. None of them stirred when I opened the wooden shutters to admit sunlight to the bottle strewn floor, though Louis grunted a bit, so I went down to the boathouse on my own.

The boathouse was underneath the villa, a kind of basement garage built of crazy paving with two arched exits for the boats. I didn’t really want to speed around the lake today so I killed the motor once I’d made it a few hundred yards from the villa and lay down in my wooden shell, having no ambition beyond an hour’s drifting under the mid-morning Mittel-European sun.

From here, I could see the villa in all its tumbledown glory, crouching beneath its canopy of trees as if preparing to lurch into the lake. It was falling apart, but that was why it was cheap, and it had that certain faded grandeur often seen in old buildings around here. What was it with the Austro-Hungarians and the colour yellow though? Did every building have to be that same shade of ochre?

I pushed my bare toes down against the sandy wood. It was warm and I felt like a basking flounder, lying there in my crochet cover up and bikini bottoms. I put my sunhat over my face and let the boat go where it liked, drifting along and rocking in rhythm with it, my body merging into the sunlicked warmth in which it lay.

The next time I took my hat off my face, the boat had moseyed its way past the trees that stood out in the lake, demarcating the space between our property and the next. Now I had an unimpeded view of the vacant villa next door, and much more salubrious than our shack it was too. Again, that yellow of the old empire, but the windows were new and the paintwork was smart and everything looked well tended and ornamental. It had a boathouse of its own, a dark wood pagoda with all kinds of gothic touches. Balconies and arched windows and a little turret and all.

Frau Metternich had told us the owner was rarely there except in August, when he spent the month. It seemed ridiculous that one man should require all that space, but apparently he had no family, although he gave extravagant parties there. I imagined the late lazy summer evenings, fireflies skimming the water, jazz music wafting over the lake, loosened tuxedo collars, women running across the lawn with stilettoes strap-hanging from their fingers.

In June the place was deserted. Nobody there. Blank windows gazed down upon me and I felt like saluting them back.

I sat up. I was hot. The sun was climbing to its zenith and my skin was starting to tighten under its unforgiving glare.

Nobody was around to see me. I shimmied out of my cover up, hesitated for a moment, then took off my bikini bottoms. In seconds, I was over the side, a mermaid sluicing through the warm, slightly weedy water. I felt fronds tickle and touch my thighs and I swirled past them, imagining myself on a mission, ducking and curling and flailing through the aqua waters. When my limbs tired, I arranged myself into a starfish float and lay there, lapped and tilted by the wavelets, looking at the bleached light on the insides of my eyelids and telling myself that Louis wasn’t worth it…he wasn’t worth it…none of it was worth it…

“Where is your gold?”

The voice was male and spoke in German.

My limbs retracted into cramped flappers and I got a mouthful of sluggish water that almost choked me. I coughed hard, trod water and looked at the source of the question.


It’s available now from Amazon and iTunes and all sorts.

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Ashley Lister Is In The Chair

Jul 28

I am so excited to have Ashley Lister in my grilling chair today – not only because he is one of erotica’s best good eggs, but because his latest work is set in a Michelin-starred restaurant and perhaps he can give me some ideas for my barbecue! Not that one can have too many spicy sausages, of course. Welcome, Ashley!

  1. Who was your first famous-person crush?

I can’t tell you my first famous-person crush, because I honestly don’t remember. But I can tell you my longest-lasting famous-person crush. Ever since I watched Season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I’ve been enamoured by the character Faith.

For those unfamiliar with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith is an anti-hero who dresses in leathers, kicks ass in a fight, and is always focused on getting results no matter what she has to do. She’s a good person who does bad things, or a bad person who does good things, and that duality of her character traits excites me. That and the leathers.

  1. What writers inspired you as a child and young adult?

I grew up reading Enid Blyton stories. She was a wonderful storyteller and her stories could transport me into fun worlds of adventure and excitement. From there I grew into the gentle murder mysteries of Agatha Christie and then I moved onto the gruesome horror of Stephen King. The key thing linking all three of those writers is that they each know how to tell a story.

  1.  What made you turn your hand to writing erotica?

I followed the writer’s axiom: write what you know.

  1. Have any of your books/stories/scenes been inspired by a song or piece of music?

No. I once tried to write an erotic story based on Puccini’s Tosca. The central theme to that story always struck me as being about domination and subjugation and I figured it would make for an interesting challenge. However, the more you read the libretto of Tosca, the more you realise there’s misery, inappropriate sexual conflict, and a lot of death at the climax. I’m not averse to killing off characters. But, in our current climate of sex-positive HEAs, I can’t see that many publishers would be rushing out to commission a story where all the main players are dead at the end after 400 pages of unrelenting misery.

  1.       Do you think where you live has influenced what you write?

Yes and no. I live in Blackpool, a seaside town in the North West of England. I’ve never included Blackpool as a location in one of my stories. But I’m aware that my specific environment (home, office, pub, etc) is always a strong influence on the background of my fiction.

  1. You review books for Erotica Revealed. Does reviewing make you a better writer, and vice versa?

There are times when I’m a bitch at Erotica Revealed. I can be unbearably hard on books if I think they’re of poor quality. This is not done to be clever or score cheap points. It’s done because I know how difficult it is to get readers to invest in your writing. When someone publishes something that is not of publishable quality, I feel I’m entitled to say as much and warn readers to invest their money in a more worthwhile product.

Does this make me a better writer? It makes me more determined to give readers value for money with my writing.

However, I’m not sure this always works. I recently had an amazon reviewer say the only good thing about one of my books was that it was recyclable – and therefore environmentally friendly. Which goes to show, I suppose, you can’t please all of the readers all of the time.

  1. How did you first become involved with the erotic fiction scene?

I was reading an adult magazine that wanted erotic short stories. I submitted one and it was published. Once I had a short story under my belt, which was fairly well received, I figured I should try and write something more substantial and novel length. Fortunately for me, there was an advert in my contributor’s copy from a publishing house looking for authors. Isn’t it amazing how these things can sometimes work out?

8.      What’s your heroine wearing when she’s bent on seduction?

With my current WIP she is usually being seduced rather than being bent on seduction. This means she’s usually wearing her chef’s whites.

9.      You are the author of How To Write Erotic Fiction. If you had to condense the book into three pieces of crucial advice, what would you choose?

The three pieces of crucial advice for all writers are as follows:

1) Write.

2) Read.

3) Edit.

10.  What are you working on now?

Right now, I’m working on an erotic romance trilogy: Sweet TemptationA Taste for Passion was released in June of this year by HarperCollins. The other two titles are due out later this year and early next year. It’s a story of a May-to-September romance in a Michelin-starred kitchen. There’s lots of spice. And the reviews so far are very positive.

Fantastic stuff, Ashley! Thanks for taking your place in the chair. And now I’m off to follow your writing advice!

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